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The Results Are In!

No, I am NOT referring to the 2012 Election!  Although those results are in as well.  I’m not going to go any further on that though, because I know those of you who read my blog came here to find out how my PET scan went.

For those of you interested in what’s been going on in my life lately, I’ve been busy at home, trying to adapt myself into “Survivor” mode.  Anyone who has faced the monster otherwise known as “cancer” can vouch that getting to the end of treatment has it’s ups & downs.  I’m so happy that I don’t have to have chemo again anytime soon!  Yahoo!  Forever now though, will be the nagging feeling of knowing that with each follow up appointment I have, my life could change on a dime.

But enough of that – on to the good news!  My PET scan came back clear – PET Negative is the term they use in oncology world.  Thank you God for the results and thank you Dr. Sharman for being His hands through this ordeal.  Here’s the image of my scan:


The dark areas are all normal places like the brain, heart, kidneys, intestines & bladder.  What’s missing are the small, bulb-like lymph nodes and the large mass to the left of my heart (left when you’re looking at the picture, that is) lighting up to show that they are cancerous.  No lights, no cancer detected!  Below is a picture of my FIRST PET scan so you can see the difference:



So there you have it.  I’m cleared for takeoff – or recovery that is.  Please be praying for me and our family as we learn to adjust to this new pattern of life again.

For those of you wondering, at this point, I’m planning to officially head back to the office in January, but until then, I will be starting to work again as I can from home.  I’ve had many nights lately when I haven’t gotten much sleep at all, so starting back full steam would probably not be a good idea.  There are days that I am still very tired.  I guess I can say recovery is a slow process but I’m glad to be in it!  So feel free to approach me with real estate questions or transactions.  I’m so blessed to have had my friend Cathy Rackham help me with my clients through the past 6 months.  I’m reminded of something she said to me today – “You have the BEST clients!  They’re all so nice!”  I’m proud to work for all of you.  So feel free to call or text me at 541-974-5550 or email me at  I’ll hook you up with a great house! 😉