‘Twas The Night Before Chemo

‘Twas the night before chemo
And all through the house,
The mama was blogging
About her next bout…

Of chemo and steroids
And nausea meds and fluids
She wondered and wondered
Just how she’d get through it.

She thought about how
This was the last time
She’d ride that bad ‘coaster
Of sickness and find

Herself feeling groggy
Each moment awake
Or nauseous and dizzy
Instead, she would think

Of her strength returning
And feeling brand new
Of thinking all clearly
And losing weight too.

She thought about how
God had brought her through this
The fight of her life
Had been much short of bliss.

How scary and awful
The path she’d been on
Had seemed at the start
But now that it’s most done

Had been a long road
Of learning to trust
A God who is faithful
To every one of us.

He never did leave her
He never did go
He stayed right there through it
And wouldn’t you know

She knew He was there
From the bittermost part
To the triumphant ending
That was due to start

In less than 12 hours
She’d enter the room
Where others had traveled
The same path of doom

And exited victorious
As winners as champs
Her last day of poison
She’d have the last laugh.

So on to recovery
Twas happy to know
That the rocky next week
Would most certainly go

The way of all memories
Fading with time
The scars being reminders
About a worse time.

How lessons were learned
And how miracles lived
How God answered prayers
And how families gave









The list that she had,
Well it just grew and grew.

So much to be thankful
So many who cared.
Sometimes she just wondered
Why her life was spared.

She knew she had purpose
And purposed inside
To always remember
And never to hide

Her light in a corner
But let it so shine
That others would wonder
How could she be fine

Having been through this journey
Not totally done
But feeling triumphant
Like she’d already won.

The dishwasher’s going
The kids tucked in tight
It’s time for this mama
To just say good night.


6 thoughts on “‘Twas The Night Before Chemo

  1. You my dear have a way with words!! I always laugh at my caringbridge posts because they’re so just “blah, boring, to the point, there you go”, kind of posts… It was great fun to read this…I don’t know about you, but I have had a terrible time getting thank you’s off to people like I feel I should…I think this “poem” would be awesome printed out, (like on a card w/ your–or your family pic–on it), and send out to those who have helped along the way. I don’t know, maybe that’s cheesy…but I’ve been thinking that I don’t know how I’ll ever get a thank you sent to everyone I want so had been thinking about doing some kind of “mass thank you”….you know, kind of like Christmas cards you’d order from Costco…
    Anyway….I just think your writing is really neat and I have been blessed to see how you’ve walked this road trusting the Lord.
    I’m sooo excited for your last chemo!!!! May it go wonderfully!! And may you be feeling well enough to maybe even go celebrate after! (My last chemo was also our 15th wedding anniversary, so we went to lunch to celebrate!)
    Hope you have a great day!!!

  2. AMAZING! You give me chills and tears and great appreciation, not only for your great poetry, but your great and grateful heart! This should be published, if you know of an appropriate publication! The Cancer Foundation or Leukemia association should have this…what an encouragement it would be to others on this journey. I’m SO excited you are once again on your way to good health and out the door of the oncology department!!! Nearly time for a party and Thank-You-God worship service!

  3. Yup, I think you found your family’s Christmas card. 🙂 Seriously, that was beautifully done. Hope you never, never have to go through this again!

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