A Sad Goodbye

I haven’t really known how to pen down my thoughts lately.  Then yesterday, I got a call from Sharolyn at school.  She was completely overwhelmed by tears as she told me that my little friend, Brandon Aufranc (12), had passed away that morning.  No one expected him to go so quickly.  He had osteosarcoma – a very aggressive form of bone cancer.

Life is so short.  We don’t know how many days we have.  At times it’s difficult to muster the strength to do the next thing and I certainly am guilty of hanging out in the doldrums.  Please pray for Rick, Julie & Sarah Aufranc as they deal with the passing of Brandon, but let us all be happy that he is once again whole in the arms of Jesus with no pain, and no need for medicine or oxygen tubes.

Here’s a picture that I took of Brandon in March when Sharolyn & I were able to deliver a very special gift that many many Facebook friends made possible.  According to his mom Julie, it was the happiest she had seen him since he had started chemo at that point.  He had some great fun learning how to make movies on it and because of those, they have some wonderful memories.


One thought on “A Sad Goodbye

  1. I love you Kristin. We were going through Brandon’s room last week, trying to find who knows what. We kept finding little pieces of “gold”. His journal that he started when he was diagnosed was precious to read. Then I found the card signed by most or all of the people who donated toward the iPad. I was touched, again. We think we live in a world where things are either black or white but during our darkest hours and days, there always seems to be a little light showing through.

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