Brief Chemo & Fundraiser Update

Thought it would be a good idea to give an update on yesterday’s chemotherapy appointment & Tuesday’s Fundraiser. Hmm. Which one first? Let’s do chronological…

Tuesday’s Fundraiser: I don’t have any official word yet, but we had a really good turnout and a lot of fun at the fundraiser. The food was great and visiting with people was even better.  My dad’s cousin Denise even came all the way from Portland!  We should have a final count by Monday & then I can update all y’all. 🙂

Thursday’s Chemo: I had a great visit with Dr. Sharman before my chemo appointment.  I shared some of my concerns with him about my breathing and we went over my Pulmonary Function test.  Due to results from that, and the symptoms that I’m currently having with my cough and difficulty breathing deeply, he has decided to “jettison” (his words, not mine) my Bleomycin.  So now I’m down to only 3 chemotherapy drugs, the anti-nausea meds, steriods and hydration fluids (saline solution) for my infusions.  I think it took a little longer to do the chemo this time because since my port was removed, they can’t pump the meds in as fast as they were before.  Now it actually hurts a little to get my infusions – not bad, but with the port there was no pain at all, and now there is definitely some discomfort.  But it’s nothing like some of the people I know are going through.

I got some bad news today about a couple of my cancer “buddies”.  Unfortunately it’s the youngest ones I know.  Brandon, a 7th grader at my kids’ school, had surgery this week and instead of the doctors finding the bony cancer pieces they expected when they “looked” (read felt) in his right lung, they found mushy tissue and many more lesions than they expected.  He has an extremely aggressive cancer and truly needs a miracle.  The other one is Hannah, who is also in middle school, about the same age as my kiddos.  She has Hodgkin’s Lymphoma like me, and was in remission, but they just did some more tests on her – the normal check-up kind that we cancer patients get to have for, oh, forever it seems after our cancer is “gone”.  Anyway, they found more cancer and so now she will need to have a longer & more aggressive chemotherapy.  Please be praying for these two kids especially, they need as much prayer as we can give.


Denise & me (I’m the bald one – as if you had to guess…) 🙂



The Grillmasters: Scott Schuler & Dan Herbst



KW people & friends


Carol Trueba & one of the silent auction tables


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