Surprise Surgery? Um, yeah…tomorrow!

So yesterday I had my hydration therapy.  Usually I have no problems or issues with hydration, but the standing joke is if someone other than mom takes me, there will be some kind of issue come up and yesterday was no exception.

My sister-in-law, Teresa, took me to the clinic and everything went ok until about 10-15 minutes from the end of the bag of fluids my neck started hurting.  I put my hand up to rub the area and I found a lump on the side of my neck about the size of a walnut.  Apparently what happened is that even though the nurse was able to ensure the port was “in” the right place, it has a sheath growing over the end of it, and the fluids were backing up in the vein.  It’s actually pretty fortunate that it happened this week because if it had happened during a chemo treatment it could have really been bad.

They discovered the sheath by doing a “port study” – basically a scan with iodine where they inject a little bit into my port and “see” where it goes.  Well, it didn’t go where it was supposed to.  It backed up towards the top of my neck and pooled in the vein.  Later they did an ultrasound just to make sure that it was only liquids pooling.

Anyway, long story short, tomorrow they are removing my port.  This means that for the rest of my treatments (through October 4th) they will be giving me my chemo with IVs.  I don’t know what all that will entail, but I think it means that it will take longer for the infusions because they can’t pump it in as fast.

Please be praying for me as I’m really struggling with nausea.  Usually the fluids make a HUGE difference, but I think because it didn’t all go where it was supposed to, I am not getting the benefits of it.  Thanks for the prayers.


5 thoughts on “Surprise Surgery? Um, yeah…tomorrow!

  1. Please don’t worry about not having a port for the rest of your chemo. My daughter, Adriane, never had a port put in because she was afraid that it would interfere with her training. She had all six months of ABVD administered in her veins. They alternated arms. You will do just fine! I’m so happy about your most recent scans! Those fighting chemo soldiers will kill that cancer no matter how it enters your body. Good luck tomorrow. (After I met you in Eugene at the Olympic Trials, you have been on my mind a lot! I do pray for you every day.)

  2. I have been thinking about you a lot lately and wondering how you are doing. I can’t believe what a positive and amazing person you are to go through this with such GRACE. I will continue my prayers.

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