Psalm 118:17 – My Declarations

I don’t feel like I’ve been doing enough “declaring” lately (as my Psalm 118:17 verse talks about).  So I thought that today, I’m going to declare 10 things that I am thankful for through all this:

10. Friends that take my kids places.  This week the Nace family was so kind to come and pick up Blaine & Sharolyn for some fun times in Seattle.  Between going up the Space Needle, riding the Duck (ask them about it) & going to Wild Waves, I don’t think we will ever be able to compare to the fun they’ve had with them.

9.  My sister-in-law, Teresa.  She was able to take me to the chemo lounge for my fluids today with such  short notice.  That was a huge blessing.

8.  My church family.  Pastor Scott Miller had a great message yesterday on 2 Peter 2:9-10 and even worked my Psalm 118 bracelets into the sermon.  If you’re interested in listening to it, you can hear it online.  I brought a bunch of the bracelets along and was able to give a bunch of them away after the service.  It was fun seeing all those lime green bracelets on so many arms, and hearing all the encouragement from so many people.

7.  The Albany Fire Department.  After a scary incident with our fuse box on Saturday, they made sure that there weren’t any hidden flames or hot spots that were going to smolder and start a fire after they left.

6.  Tom’s cousin Dick McLain.  Kinda tied in with number 7, it’s nice to have an electrician in the family that we can call on to give us the extra peace of mind about the fuse box.  It turned out to be probably something like a motor or something under the house that hasn’t been used in years, and when Tom put some fuses in, it just gave “juice” to something that didn’t need it, causing the smoke.

5.  Applesauce.  Lots and lots of applesauce.  Mom, Andrea, all the kids, and I (though I don’t think I was that much help) worked up a bunch of applesauce last week.  It was so much fun.  I told my mom, I felt like I was in a Karen Kingsbury book the way we were all working together with the kids and each other.

4.  Nurses that care.  I am so blessed to have nurses that don’t look at their job as just a job.  The gals at Willamette Valley Cancer Institute are so kind and compassionate.

3.  Mom.  How can I even begin to list the many ways my mom has been helpful?  She’s been the one to take me to almost all my appointments.  I selfishly actually enjoy having this time with her.

2.  Tom.  Having a husband that is willing to put up with my mood swings, and crazy feelings is so helpful.  Many times I feel as though I truly don’t deserve it.  I pray for the courage and strength to push through all this yucky stuff so that we can have some good memories this year!

1.  God.  By far, I couldn’t make it through all this without Him.  I am so glad that no matter what I’m doing whether it’s chemo or a PET scan, I’m not alone.  That makes things so much more bearable.  I honestly don’t know how someone can make it through a cancer journey without having God alongside. But you don’t need to have cancer to be blessed by Him, or have Him feel close.  For me, it’s just that it seems more “real” when I’m faced with something like this.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t WANT to have something wrong with me, but I will trust Him with whatever I have going on.

I shall not die but live, and declare the works of the LORD.  Psalm 118:17

2 thoughts on “Psalm 118:17 – My Declarations

  1. Kristen,
    I shall not die but live, and declare the works of the LORD. Psalm 118:17. This is the same scrpture that Chris’ mom, Joanne Wyne, was given in 1980 at the beginning of her breast cancer diagnosis and quoted it all the time throught her chemo treatments and healing. Pretty cool that you too are sharing that scripture. Blessings,

  2. Loved this blog entry, Kristen. We probably just missed your kids on the road in passing as we were in WA this week too. If we want to drop something by, when would be a good time to do it next week? I’d need your address too.

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