The Great Clucker Caper

My, my, my.  This has been a CRAZY last few days!!!  I am so thankful that my last chemo session went so well.  I’m sure now that it’s because of the extra fluids they gave me.  I’ve been able to almost pretend I’m not sick.  Well, and now being in remission, I guess I can technically consider myself “not sick” though there’s still so much to go through.

Let’s see, what all have I done in the past few days?  Friday, I altered some pants for Blaine – you know the zip-off style cargo Boy Scout type pants.  Would’ve been perfect if he were just 6 inches taller.  And even after I’ve altered them, they’re too big. Sigh.  I’m sure he’s going to hit that sooner than later.  The kid’s already in size 11 shoes, I’ve assured him that he can’t stay 5’2″ with those size of feet. 🙂 Thankfully, today I found another pair that will work now – I guess he can grow into the other ones.  Oops!

We had some minor (though it was major at the time) drama on Friday night.  After going to a special “cancer night” at the Salem-Keizer Volcano’s Minor League Baseball stadium on Friday night, we came home kinda late.  There had been fireworks and all kinds of fun stuff going on there that night.  Sharolyn went out to put her chickens in from their pen on the grass, only to find that they were no where to be found.  Not anywhere!  There was no evidence of fowl play (ok, I just HAD to do that).  No abnormal amounts of feathers telling us that raccoons had been there.  The pen was completely intact.  It’s as if they had been picked up & stolen out of the yard.  Sharolyn was crushed.  Tom called the police & we ended up having two officers come and take a report on the missing chickens.  I felt so bad for her, she had spent all friday prepping them for fair.  She had even given them all baths.  No kidding – it took 3 coolers to do it properly – who knew there was a “proper” way to bathe a chicken???  Anyway, I sat beside a devastated girl until she fell asleep.  At 6:30 Saturday morning, the phone rang.  Tom answered and it was Mark.  As he was getting their garage sale stuff out from behind our fence that morning, he witnessed the missing fowl coming out from under the deck.  Sharolyn heard the phone ring & when whe heard that the chickens were in the backyard, she went flying out to find her feathered friends.  We were so happy that they were alive!

This weekend was Dog 4H fair showing.  Sharolyn & Pixie did really well, they ended up taking Champion in both Obedience & Showmanship.  Her club leader was really accommodating by letting her compete a bit earlier than the rest of her class so that I could sleep in the car between rounds.  Sunday was a bit better in that it wasn’t so stinking hot (thank the Lord for clouds)!  For some reason, heat has been the hardest thing for me to handle lately.  You could pray that I could find creative ways to stay cool this summer, I could see it being a challenge.  We do have a couple window a/c units, but those haven’t gotten installed yet. 🙂

Today was hydration day, but before hitting the road for Eugene, we were surprised to see Sharolyn & some of the other girls on the front page of our local newspaper, the Albany Democrat-Herald.  (Click the image for a link to the article – thanks for taking the picture Jesse Skoubo!!!) 

Thankfully, as far as energy is concerned, today I was feeling pretty good to start with, so the change from the extra fluids wasn’t as dramatic as it’s been in the past.  Tomorrow is the day we haul the chickens to the fair, and since Shary has to be at the fair every day at 7am, she’s planning to stay and camp there with some friends through Sunday.  That’s gonna be a long time, but I think I might steal her home a few times during the fair.  Who knows – she’ll have a great time though.  Thank you Kelly W for letting her stay with you!

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