Wonderful News!

So you may remember that I had a PET scan last Friday. Well, while I was outside at the gas station today getting the propane tank filled for our family BBQ tonight, Sharolyn calls to me from inside the car, “Mom, it’s your doctor!” I grabbed the phone and expected a reminder call about this Thursday’s chemo appointment. When I answered, it was a nurse with my scan results. She told me that it showed my mass has shrunk to HALF the size it was before, and there is NO abnormal activity in any of my lymph nodes!!! To quote her exact words, “None of the lymph nodes lit up!” I actually had to have her repeat the results to me a couple of times in different ways before it really sunk in.

I started crying during the call and the poor service station woman was wondering if everything was ok, so I had to explain it all when I got off the phone. It turns out that her sister had died from cancer, so she could really relate. It’s amazing how many people’s lives are touched by this awful disease.

What does this mean now? Well, to be honest, I’m not exactly sure, but as far as I know, it will be business as usual in regards to chemo. I should have my last session on October 4th if everything continues as planned. I’ll find out a little more this week, and I promise to pass it on when I do, but until then, please be praising God with us for this wonderful news!


10 thoughts on “Wonderful News!

  1. Kristin…………that is WONDERFUL NEWS!!! 1/2 the size and no lymph nodes affected…..praise the Lord!!! Please keep all of us posted and I will continue to pray like crazy!!! Love you my friend…Shannon šŸ™‚

  2. Im so excited for you!!! I cried while reading this today. Please keep us all posted. We are saying our prayers and rooting you on

  3. Wonderful! The treatment is working!!!!! Yes it is so true it’s amazing ow many lives cancer has touched, I have had so many of those experiences, just the other day, the lady at PGE and her life has had two people recently diagnosed. I talked to her about how she could be a great support person to those in her life.

    God Bless you!

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