Excuse Me Ma’am, Your Scalp Is Showing!

So the day came.  On Tuesday, June 5th, we celebrated Tom’s 47th birthday.  We had cake & ice cream with Mom & Dad K, and the Ylen’s.  I have to say, other than the bike we gave him, Tom’s coolest gift had to be the magnetic board that Andrea made from something she saw on Pinterest.  It was so creative!
But we really celebrated after everyone left.  As I was putting away stuff from the birthday party, Sharolyn told me, “Mom, I got out all the haircutting stuff!”  Oh boy – was it really the time for me?  I think it needed to be.  The kids had been getting on my case lately about all my shedding.  I was getting into a pretty bad habit of just reaching up & pulling my hair out by the roots – don’t worry it didn’t hurt!  But they were getting sick of it.  At one point in the last week or so, Sharolyn said to me, “Mom, when are you going to shave your head?  You’re getting about as bad as the cat!”  Really?  Could you be a little more subtle?
I decided that I might as well appease the family.  I let the kids do the shaving and they had a ton of fun.  Before they got started though I had a panic moment.  I wasn’t ready!  I didn’t want to lose my hair!  But then I took a deep breath, and realized that it’s going to happen, so I might as well get it over with.
Blaine & Sharolyn took turns using the clippers on the remaining hair on my head.  If you’ve never shaved your head (which will apply to at least 95% of the women reading this blog), it’s really a weird feeling to have those clippers cutting off your hair so close.  When they got all done with the clippers, Sharolyn happily got out the “Flirty Mango” shaving cream, lathered up my head, and brought out the razor.  This whole process took a lot longer than I expected, but they did a great job – no nicks or cuts!
By the way, the T-shirt was a birthday gift from my brother Ryan.  It’s so cute!

4 thoughts on “Excuse Me Ma’am, Your Scalp Is Showing!

  1. I love it! How do you pull it off so well?! Seriously, between you and my sister, I am loving the shaved look!

  2. Soon you will have a beautiful head of hair that is probably even thicker and prettier than ever. Thanks for sharing your journey and keep us mindful and in continued prayer for you. hugs

  3. I think I need to do “the shave”…we did “the buzz”…and I’ve been using a lint roller, and we did duct tape–that took a LOT off…but there’s still fuzzies hanging in there…I think I might feel a lot better even with it shaved. How’d that feel to have it done?? I am afraid it will hurt—or I’ll get cut!!!!

  4. Wow, I’m impressed, you actually let your kids do it!! You are one brave momma! 🙂 You actually have a nice shaped head and can carry the look off 🙂 I had a friend in grade school who’s dad lost his hair from chemo. Before chemo it was brown, after chemo it was quite a bit darker and curlier. Wonder what your’s will do.
    As I was looking at your photos and catching up on your blogs, my heart is just going out to you and your family. The fact that you are showing such grace and poise during a time when you could just stomp your feet and get angry (and you’d have every right too) shows what a Woman of Grace you are! Your sense of humor and quick smile is something I remember you from in high school. I am praying for you to have Peace and Grace and Mercy showered upon you! May you feel His love, even during this time of physical turmoil.

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