To Every Thing There is a Season

And a time to every purpose under Heaven.  A time to be born, a time to die.  A time to blog and a time to play.  A time to be well, and a time to be sick.  Ok, well, maybe that isn’t the exact words to Jeremiah 3:1-2, but it seems appropriate for me.

There are a few reasons I haven’t gotten to my blog lately.  The main one is that we took off early Saturday morning & spent the rest of that day & most of Sunday out at the Sea Gypsy in Lincoln City with the Ylens.  It wasn’t the sunniest weather out there, but it was mild, and there was hardly any wind!  Soon after we arrived, we went out to the beach to relax.  It’s not often that you can do that out here on the Oregon Coast!  Tom & the kids had given me a pop-up shade – kinda like half a tent – for my birthday.  It worked perfectly on the beach!  (Yeah, I know, I need a pedicure. 🙂 )

 We built a small fire and roasted hotdogs for lunch, then the kids played in the water.  They said it wasn’t that cold, but were definitely interested in going in and playing in the pool later in the afternoon.  Probably one of the most fun parts of the trip was having the campfire in the evening and eating s’mores & singing songs on the beach.  After a late breakfast on Sunday, some of us went to the outlet mall for a while, and then packed it all in to head back to the valley.

My brother Ryan arrived Sunday night after we got back and we did the whole campfire/s’mores thing again.  It seems to be our standard, go-to, evening snack anymore.  If nothing else, it’s a fun, relaxing get-together activity, and allows small children to play with fire under parental supervision – which is thrilling for them! 🙂

Monday & Tuesday were a flurry of activity with Uncle Ryan.  My cousin Stephanie & her husband Brad hosted a Memorial Day BBQ at their house.  I couldn’t believe how many people were there – all our local cousins showed up, plus a lot of Brad’s family as well.  Even my Grandpa & Grandma were there.

L to R: Ryan (my brother), Sherilyn (not my daughter 🙂 ), Amanda, Andrea (my sister), Casey (Amanda’s brother), Me, Stephanie (who pulled weeds in the rain for me), Daniel (Sherilyn & Stephanie’s brother)

On Tuesday, we hung out at Mom & Dad’s for most of the day, then went to my niece Anika’s T-ball game, and then her sister Maija’s softball game.  Her game ended with Maija being the winning pitcher & getting the winning RBI.  Not bad for a second grader.  Then back to Dad & Mom’s for more s’mores & time to hang out with Ryan before his flight out this morning.  Sometimes I feel sorry for Ryan, he comes and ends up getting completely OD’d on nieces, nephews & family. 🙂

As far as how I’ve been feeling goes, I have definitely not recovered as well from this treatment as from the first one.  The last few days I’ve actually had a bit more nausea than usual, and have even had some itchiness return along with one day waking up with night sweats.  I’m gonna have to talk to the doctor about that at my third chemo session tomorrow.

I had some time today to work on bills.  Yikes!  I have effectively doubled our normal monthly bills this month.  Thanks to my sister, I do have some hints on medical bills that I will share in another blog.  This one seems to be pretty much done.

2 thoughts on “To Every Thing There is a Season

  1. I haven’t had a chance to get to your blog and I read the whole thing tonight. My prayer are with you. It was nice to see the other night at the concert. Keep up the positive attitude.

  2. We are all trusting God for a full recovery for you – and for fewer than normal bad side effects. Thanks for being such a good Mom to my Grand Babies. I see so many wise, wonderful things with your interaction with them. Those two (Baby A and Baby B) are very special ones you know.

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