39 is Mighty Fine!

I’ve been struggling with what to blog all day. This was definitely not the way I would have written my life story for the beginning of my 39th year, but maybe that’s why God doesn’t let us see what’s ahead – cuz He knows we’d go running for the hills! 🙂

I am so thankful for all the wonderful birthday wishes from family, friends, and so many others! I was given fun balloons & an inspirational piece of artwork from the Bussell’s, a dozen roses and cupcakes from the Poff’s, a super fun birthday card & pizza from the Haile’s, multiple birthday cards from others…the list goes on enough that I’d better stop before I forget someone. Oh, I did! Grandma Gerig gave me a pretty china dish as well.

Overall, I had a good day, and I know it’s a direct result of you – all of you who are praying for me & lifting me up. Thank you. I appreciate each & every one of you. Now my goal before I turn 40? BEAT CANCER!


3 thoughts on “39 is Mighty Fine!

  1. Kristin, you definitely are mighty fine! And this is your year to beat cancer and see an outpouring of God’s blessings as you bless so many of us who are seeing you trust God for this unplanned (by you, not God) journey! Love and prayers….

  2. Hi Kristin ~ Happy Belated Birthday! I trust the God of this universe and the Lord of your life has allowed this for such a time as you are one of the strongest, most inspiring ladies I’ve ever met. I’ve heard time and time again how your mom says you are so positive and upbeat even when horrible tragedies have rocked your world. Keep it up; I’m sure you have no idea how many people you are blessing and encouraging every day! The Miller family gave us your, and your mom’s blog info. so we could find you. We live just down Queen on Jefferson – only a small distance from your home. We drive by almost daily, sometimes several times a day, so we try to say a prayer each time we go by. We don’t know you real well, mostly through your mom since we did bible study with her a few years back – right during the time your brother was going through his cancer journey. We will continue praying for you and following your blog as we can, even while we are in Alaska! Happy day, and God bless your family’s summer!
    Love, Kimberly

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