God Answers Pizza Prayers – Did You Know That?

Ok, so it’s gonna be pretty rare when I write more than one post in a day about the same day, but I just can’t help myself.

I was on the way home from picking up the kids after school today, and the following conversation ensued:


Blaine: Hey Mom, can we have pizza tonight?

Mom: Well, someone is bringing dinner, so if they bring it, I guess so.

Blaine: Oh, you mean no then.  Can’t we just freeze whatever they bring and get pizza?

Sharolyn: We have that chicken pizza stuff in the freezer, can’t we have that?

Mom: No, we are going to eat whatever we are brought.

Blaine: Sigh.


So we had a few errands to run, and then came home.   Meanwhile, God was doing his work.

We’ve had a ton of people blessing us with meals, and around 2:30 this afternoon, I got a text from Angela Miller telling me that Barbara Ellich was bringing dinner tonight.  I was embarrassed to text her back and ask who that was, but I didn’t even recognize the name.  She told me a little bit about her, so I figured that I’d just meet her when she came!

About 5 minutes to 5:00, a car pulls into the driveway, and the kids say, “The lady with dinner is here!”  We opened up the door to Barbara, and she had salad, cookies, and two pizzas in her hands.  I shouldn’t be surprised, but I was – and immediately shared the unspoken “prayer request” that had never gotten “prayed” with her.  Thank you again Barbara for being a blessing to us!



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