I’m Walking On Sunshine!

5/13 – Mother’s Day. Ok, so before, I’ve used the reason (read “excuse”) that I was feeling so blah or yucky that I hadn’t written. Well, let it be known, that has NOT been the reason lately!!! Since last Friday (5/11) I have had some of the most fantastic feeling days! I don’t think I’ve felt this good in a very long time – probably not since at least March.

For any of you in this area, you KNOW how gorgeous Sunday was!!! I can’t even begin to describe what a calm, peaceful & relaxing day it was. After a great church service, we came home to wait for Blaine to get back from his Boy Scout Camporee. My dad (Lyle Krabill) was on his way home today, from working in Utah for a month, so we had plans to do lunch with my mom. In the past, we’ve gone to Izzy’s pizza for the Mother’s Day Brunch & free lunch gift certificate for moms, but with my treatments and dietary restrictions, I decided that place would be a Perfect Storm for cross-contamination of foods – not a place I wanted to try. Plus, have you ever been there on Mother’s Day? It’s CRAZY!

When your energy level leaves you with enough get up & go to race a slug even cleaning a kitchen full of dirty dishes can be fun if you have the energy for it! So after happily cleaning my kitchen, and having another Scout mom (thank you Darla Meyer!) bring Blaine back home, we called in an order of Chinese Take-out to ABChinese and went out to Mom & Dad’s place for lunch.


Our “restaurant” was a quiet, rustic table, seated in the shadows of a half-century apple tree on a freshly mowed, grassy lawn. We could hear doves cooing in the bushes and the summery breeze cooled us from the heat of the unseasonally warm but welcome spring sunshine. It was a perfect complement to the fresh strawberries & ice cream we had for dessert. The dogs kept us entertained – as long as we threw the ball. 🙂 That was it. Literally. That’s all we did all day.


I did take a little time later in the afternoon to quickly sew up another sundress with Mom’s sewing machine & serger. Oh, and Dad did show up in the afternoon too – so he was able to keep throwing the ball for the dog. 🙂

Once evening settled in, all of us (including Mom & Dad) went over to Mark & Andrea’s house (my sister & her husband live next door). They have one of those cool firepits, and we had s’mores and just relaxed around it and visited some more. Around 9:20, I remembered that I hadn’t gone to Dutch Bros for my free Mother’s Day drink, so Andrea & I hopped into her van & zipped over to get a decaf Cocomo. You never want to miss out on a free drink! 🙂

Late that afternoon, around 6ish, I began to develop a low grade fever. I knew something was up when I was getting a little dizzy and feeling flushed. It never did get above 99.5 though. That is really good, because if my fever ever gets to 100.5, it’s “Go To The Hospital. Go directly to the Hospital, do not pass Go, do not collect $200”. 🙂 Automatic admittance and IV antibiotics – yuck! I did figure out that it was most likely that I hadn’t had enough water throughout the day, so I’m going to try and be more vigilant to make sure that I keep completely hydrated.

Today’s sermon was in 1 Peter 1. It was about Praise. I will praise Him, even through it all. It’s easy to praise on days like this one was, but my challenge is always to continue with that when it’s not a good day. If you are reading this, and one of the people who have been praying for me, my health & my family, thank you. It’s only because of those prayers going up that I am able to have the good days like this has been. It’s my heart’s desire to bring him glory, no matter what.


One thought on “I’m Walking On Sunshine!

  1. I’m so happy you had an awesome Mother’s Day! Praise God! I am praying for many more of those for you. I love that you whipped out a dress so quickly…You got SKILLS, girl!!!

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