I Found My Kryptonite

Monday, April 30, & Tuesday, May 1, 2012  – I’m not a big fan of superhero movies, but there are a few out there that I like. I really liked the Fantastic Four, and Sky High, but I think the most iconic superhero movie out there would have to be the original Superman. He kind of opened the door to our fascination with special humans that have super powers. For those of you familiar with Superman, he had only one weakness – Kryptonite. If he was near it, it drained him of all his powers and he was as weak as a normal human. So many of you, my friends, have made comments about me being “Supermom” or “Superwoman”, but I am here to tell you today, now that I have Hodgkin’s, I have found my Kryptonite.

In the past, you who know me, know that I would have a schedule that never quit. Mondays are Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts, Tuesdays we have Dog 4H, Wednesdays I usually go out with either Tom, Blaine or Sharolyn for some one-on-one time, Thursdays vary, but I have nieces that have games, etc. and then for some reason, Friday’s seem to be pretty mellow. Saturday’s we try to keep low key, and then of course on Sunday’s there’s Sunday School & Church at Willamette Community Church in the morning, and then our small Community Group in the evening. In past years, I have added in Spring & Fall league church & city softball (don’t worry, that’s been nixed for this year), plus all the fun stuff that you do with the kids during the week. Oh yeah, and then there’s work. I’m usually in the office by 9:00 am and try to pick the kids up from school at 3 pm and then stya home, but more times than not, I’m having to head back to work and finish something up, put out a “fire” or some other crisis.

So, I had approached this whole thing as “just another item on my schedule”. I had all of this week scheduled out, because way back in February, I was connected to some people from Texas that were planning to move to Oregon. We had been working together a lot over the phone, I had gone out to potential houses, previewed them and even did some video for them so they could get an idea of what a house would look like, and they had scheduled a time to come out here to Oregon to find their home. The were arriving on April 29th, and leaving the morning of May 4th. Of course, that WOULD be the time that I come down with all this. But I figured I could handle it. Here was my plan for the week:

  • Monday 4/30: Show 9 houses.
  • Tuesday 5/1: Go back and re-look at their top 3 choices and write an offer on one of them.
  • Wednesday 5/2: Afternoon appointment in Eugene with Dr. Sharman to find out what Stage my cancer is at, then come back to town and meet with them to either acknowledge the offer acceptance or negotiate a counter offer.
  • Thursday 5/3: Finish any negotiations that needed to be done and tell them goodbye. They wanted to go out to Newport for the day as a family, so I told them that would probably be a great day to do that.
  • Friday 5/4: Be at the Willamette Valley Cancer Institute in Eugene and have my first chemotherapy session.

It all looked good on paper.

I had all 9 houses that they wanted to look at on Monday scheduled out, and we were getting started at 9am. No problem, other than the fact I was terrified. Would my body hold out? Would I hold out? Only time would tell. My friend Angela Klostermann happened to be in the office and saw that I was on the brink of a meltdown, so she came in and chatted with me, and then prayed that the day would go well. I totally needed that! Thank you Angela!

Well, my clients were promptly on time, so we got started, and went through 5 houses before lunch at 11:30 am. Had lunch at McDonalds because their little 6 & 3 year old daughters were along for the adventure as well. They were amazing by the way! After lunch, we saw the remaining 4 houses, and they had narrowed their favorite homes down to 2 – NICE! One less house to look at tomorrow. They headed back to their hotel & I went back to my office. I called the owner of their first choice house and asked about going back tomorrow to look at it again, and the agent of the 2nd choice house. We were all set, until I got a phone call from the agent representing the first choice house. Apparenly, they already had an accepted offer. 😦 Bummer! Oh well, at least house #2 is new construction and we could move forward with that one.

As soon as I got back to the office was the moment I discovered that I do have a Kryptonite of my own. I cannot schedule myself like this ever again. I had some other clients coming in at 4:30 to sign some papers – that’s all! All I had to do was sit in a meeting room with them, and point to where they needed to sign. But do you think I could do that? No. 😦 I just sat in my office in tears. Thankfully, my friend & co-worker, Christine Kites volunteered to meet with them. But because those clients are actually personal friends of Tom & I, they volunteered to drive me home, which I gladly accepted and promptly crashed on the couch for the rest of the night.

Tuesday, my Texas clients & I went back out & looked at a house that had recently sold in the same neighborhood as the one they were wanting to build, and it has the same floorplan. They just needed to be able to walk through it and make sure that it would work for their family. It was definitely do-able. So we headed back to the office, and wrote up the offer. They then took off to pick some of their colors & stuff for the new house & I thought maybe I could go home and crash. Oh yeah, no. I think I ended up being at work until almost 6:30 that night with paperwork, ect. It’s so hard to know that I have to get so much done while I feel good, because I don’t know what tomorrow is going to be like. Thankfully, I have a friend in the office that is going to partner with me as my buyer’s agent and take on all my new clients. You know, I had been wanting to hire a buyer’s agent, but this wasn’t exactly how I thought I’d come about doing it.

As soon as I was done at work, I headed home, picked up Sharolyn & took her to Dog 4H. She loves it, and at a recent meeting was elected Vice President of their Club. Because of this, she feels responsible to make sure that she’s there for every meeting. Methinks I might see a bit of myself in this kid…


One thought on “I Found My Kryptonite

  1. Oh, do remember, Superman was only temporarily overcome by that nasty Kryptonite. He always wins in the end, after the crises is past, and you will, too. Because of his super-human strength, he didn’t seem to realize how desperately he needed God. It’s good for us to realize God is the only super power…and He will surely give you everything you need as you need to slow down and allow your body to heal. Thank you for letting the rest of us know how you’re doing so we can hold you up to the Healer. Hugs!

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